Guide To Buy the Best Mattress

If you’re afraid of going to Mattress firm or Macy’s, you will find more options than ever before — mattress shopping is no longer the default choice for departments and specialty stores. In warehouse clubs and online stores, great mattresses are available at affordable prices – and competition is becoming much more intensive. If you are specifically looking to buy king-size mattresses, visit for information.

Here are the factors to consider when buying your mattress:


You may be confused by the various options and prices that range from too untrue to astronomical when you’re shopping for a new mattress. But there is good news: our years of testing showed you only need about $1,000 to spend on a comfortable mattress, whatever kind you choose. Here you can see the main types:

  • Foam Mattresses

While several manufacturers use polyurethane to produce their foam layers, some may also use latex. Few mattresses might include both. When you lay on it, the memory foam smoothens and soon shapes up your body. It’s back to its original form once you get up.

  • Innerspring

These standard mattresses consist of a variety of stainless steel coils. On top of the springs, they have more than two foam layers. Specific cushioning layers such as a infused gel or pillowtop can be used in the variations. Switching positions is often easy, but your sleep partner can have an irritating bounce in some models, especially those which don’t have many layers of foam.

  • Air Mattresses (Adjustable)

With an electric pump attached to the bed, you can inflate this form of a mattress to your desired solidity. Usually, these contain extra foam layers. You can also mostly inflate separate halves to accommodate each sleep partner with different firmnesses. However, if you want to change the bed at night, know that the pumps can be loud.

Forget About Shopping For Comparison.

If you like a mattress in one store and ask for something similar, the salesman will probably guide you to the same brand mattress which claims the same structure, components, and firmness. While makers have some sales lines nationwide, these brands are usually exclusive to these chains as they are sold through major chains such as the Macy or the Mattress firm. And producers don’t post a mattress-like directory.

Shopping Tips for Mattress

  • Lie Down

You should consider lying on a matress, if possible. You should wear loose clothes and shoes you can easily take off. Make yourself relaxed and shoo the salesperson away if you are under pressure. Thes Salesmen can wait for your time. Switch sleeping position,  spending at least 5 to 10 minutes upon your back and each side (you can try sleeping on your stomach too if that is your sleeping position ).

Usually, such trips to stores are not an option, so it is extra important to review the return policies before purchasing a mattress.

  • Warranty

Ensure that the shop gives a total refund or credit on another mattress. The dates of return, also known as the ‘comfort guarantees,’ differ between a few weeks and 120 days. A 15% refund fee will be charged by certain stores, including Macy’s and Sears. If you want a refund or an upgrade, some sellers will pick it up free of charge, but you must otherwise pay it – or place the mattress on the shop. For instance, Macy’s charges a pickup cost of $85. And for any injury, you will be responsible.

  • Don’t Buy A Box Spring If Forced Upon

Perhaps you don’t have to. Consider keeping it and save money if your box spring is not broken and is still sound structural (approximately $50 – $300 for a queen-size). One warning: some brands need you to purchase the full coverage of their box spring. Many manufacturers of foams suggest a base platform or solid wood base.

Understand the Guarantee

It can be 10 to 25 years and only includes flaws in the production process, such as sinking, loose or broken coil wires. Coverage is also prorated, which means it can decline over time.


Do not allow delivery for stains and other damage without checking the mattress (and the box spring, if you buy one). Before you send the driver on your way, be sure that the mattress also has an ‘All new material’ sticker. Refuse delivery if it’s not there. And keep that up in case if you have to file in the future guarantee petition. If you purchased a mattress in a box, check the mattress immediately when it is unrolling. If the mattress seems to be incorrect or if it’s filthy, call Customer Service directly. If the customer service representative requests proof of the injury, take a few pictures with your smartphone.